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Frequently Asked Questions

Picture from an Italian Course at 60 State Street, Boston!

1) How long are the Medical Spanish Classes?


Our Medical Spanish classes run for 5 weeks, twice weekly for an hour and a half. 


2) How much does the Medical Spanish Program cost?


 The cost of medical spanish courses are $195 for MGHIHP students and $225 MGH affiliates. This cost includes $45 registration fee.


3) How is AES different from other language programs?

Our programs are truly immersion experiences. Our small class size (the average is six students) allows us to use a highly interactive approach, practicing language in real life situations in a fun and comfortable environment. We teach languages in a natural way by combining introduction, repetition, practice, and review of new material; this makes the language easier to learn and your new skills more applicable to the natural speaking environments in which you will use them. Students in our courses have more than threes times the amount of target language speaking practice than students in other popular programs. And most importantly, our classes are fun!

4) How many topics will we cover?



At AES, our classes move fast! In our 5-week core courses, we cover material equivalent to the amount covered in a one-semester college language course. Students learn 8-9 topics per class while also repeatedly using and manipulating over 100 words and phrases, and they are systematically exposed to an additional 200 words and phrases for future classes.

5) Which class is right for me?


If you have never had any exposure to the language, then you should start with our Boot Camp! Class. Beyond Boot Camp!, we offer Core Courses in sequence beginning with Course A. If you have had some experience in the language, select a course based on your language’s course description, and we will confirm appropriate language placement with a telephone interview.

6) What if I signed up for a class but need to cancel? Do you offer refunds?



We can refund your payment in full if you cancel 8 days or more before the class or before the registration deadline (whichever comes first). If you cancel 7 days or less before the class or after the registration deadline, your payment will remain as a credit for 90 days to be applied to a future class (note that there is a 15% rescheduling fee). If we are forced to cancel a class for any reason, we will notify you via email and a full refund will be issued.

7) My organization often deals with people who do not speak English as a first language. Is it possible to design a course for my organization's specific needs?


Absolutely!  We can work with your organization to custom design a course tailored to your needs and goals. We can even teach the course at your location. Please contact us at


8) I am a healthcare professional who sees a lot of Spanish-speaking patients and I would like to be able to serve them better. Is there a program that could help me provide a better service to my patients?


Yes! We are proud to offer an intensive medical Spanish class aimed at improving communication between patients and providers and, subsequently, health outcomes for limited English proficiency patients. Please contact us for further information at


9) I already speak Italian, Spanish, and/or Mandarin. Are there any AES programs in which I could participate?


Yes! If you would like to brush up on grammar points, improve your vocabulary or learn terminology in a specific field, we will offer Advanced Fluency Workshops starting in Fall 2014. If you are interested in teaching a class in your language, please take a look at our Instructor Training program page. Additionally, we organize linguistic and cultural activities in the Boston area, including book clubs and conversation groups. Follow our group, "International Cultural Events of Boston," on to learn more about these and other events.

10) I am not yet ready to participate in conversation group events with AES. 

Are there other events in which I could take part?


Absolutely! In addition to conversation groups, we also organize events such as museum trips, foreign film viewings, local culture showcases and other enriching activities. These events are fantastic opportunities to meet other linguaphiles and culture-conscious individuals! You can find more information about our events by joining our group, "International Cultural Events of Boston."


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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