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Program Support

Free Consultation


If your organization is interested in starting an English program but doesn't know where to begin, BCEC is happy to help - at no cost.  Having established classes throughout Boston, BCEC has substantial insight into how to organize an English program for a wide range of students and goals.  One of our program managers can answer your questions, help you focus your ideas, and even offer advice on fundraising for your program.  This consultation is free of charge and does not require any commitment.  Contact us to set up a call or meeting.   

Managing Programs

BCEC can also help organizations manage their ESOL programs.  If your organization would like to work with your staff or volunteers to teach classes, BCEC can help coordinate classes, observe teachers, assess students and program, and direct curriculum development. Regular communications and reports can help you keep track of the program's success without requiring significant time commitment or expertise from you. 

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