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Our Continuous Online English Classes provide partner organizations an opportunity to collaborate with the AES World Languages and Cultures Institute to offer students engaging and individualized classes in everyday English with a focus on job readiness.


Live classes with a student-instructor ratio of 6:1

2 hours of class time every week

1-on-1 technology orientation for every student

Regular 1-on-1 tutorials included

Next Steps

To find out more information or begin the registration process with us, please send an email to

Class Details

  • Choose the number of student enrollments that fits your organization’s need

  • Students are grouped into small classes by proficiency level

  • Only available to partner organizations

    • partner organizations are responsible for outreach

    • partner organizations receive customized updates and reports 

Scheduling and Pricing

  • Online ESOL classes meet a minimum of 2 times per week for 48 weeks per year (120 teaching hours per year)

  • Costs are per number of registrations - starting at $2,200 per organization annually for 20 students

Why learn online with us?

  • Affordable and effective programming.

  • Multiple levels guarantee level-appropriate instruction for every student

  • Promotes continuity of instruction so students have a path to advance their English learning: course after course and year after year

  • Online platform eases the burden of childcare and transportation

  • Classes are designed to accommodate students on computers, tablets, and smartphones

  • We provide a technology support and training for students

Upcoming Courses


All classes listed below will be taught online. This webpage will be updated to reflect any additional in-person options as they become available. Cycle dates are approximate.

Check back soon for information about classes in 2024!

SCHEDULE: Courses held in two 1-hour sessions per week

All class sections meet concurrently. Group placement is based on English proficiency level and will be determined through a placement interview.


View course descriptions, program logistics, and the fine print

Find answers to our most

Frequently Asked Questions

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