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Class Structure

  • We offer intensive and engaging courses for our students to learn and build conversational and literacy skills in order to produce language proficiency and harbor a unique and instructive learning environment. Classes meet for two and a half hours. Additionally, we have thirty minute homework review sessions and time for socializing in order to generate healthy social relationships within the classroom. There are also additional tutoring sessions for extra help or review.




  • Students of community ESL/ESOL classes face many hurdles as they strive for proficiency. We limit our class sizes to 8 students in order for instructors to provide significant attention to each student and his/her particular challenges. This way, students can learn in a comfortable and focused environment. 




  • All basic English grammar structures are broken up into two courses.  Programs focus on conversational English.


  • Objectives develop skills to successfully navigate daily activities, meet new people, and succeed in basic job interviews.


  • Basic literacy skills such as identifying letters, vowel sounds, and common letter groupings.



  • Reinforce basic English grammar structures and develop more subtle communication skills.


  • Objectives develop skills to increase productivity and position in the workforce and develop skills to succeed in advancing educational achievements.


  • Advancing literary skills to become more effective readers and writers.


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