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Strengthening communities through adult ESOL/ESL classes, one partnership at a time

The Boston Community ESOL Center (BCEC) brings English and literacy programs to partner organizations and community members.  We provide free consultations, manage existing programs, train teachers, and deliver effective and flexible programs.  

Who are we helping?

The Boston Community ESOL Center strives to serve the approximately 10% of Bostonians that have limited English proficiency (Boston Redevelopment Authority 2012). Due to their inhibited ability to communicate, these members of our community confront many barriers to access of necessary goods and services. With an average 2-year waiting list for affordable ESL/ESOL classes, it is imperative that Boston's organizations, schools, and communities meet the demand for these programs.


The team members of the Boston Community ESOL Center work tirelessly to develop our students’ English communication skills to empower community members to pursue the following four objectives:





Find meaningful employment

Continue their education

Better advocate for themselves and their families

Achieve independence​​​​​​​​​​

about partnering with the BCEC to bring ESOL programs to your community.

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